It's back!

Hypothetical Natural Disasters wiki will be making a comeback tommorow! First things first, we will need a new bureaucat (I'm looking at you Bob. If you are already one, then I apologize.) promotion thread once this wiki gets more users. The nominations will be up once some users are here to edit.

Second thing, rules page will be up soon enough, so you have one more day to do more stuff (swearing is not allowed btw) before you will follow the rules. Failure to comply results in chat bans or even blocks. Again, we do not tolerate rule-breakers, such as vandalizers, or others of the sort.

Final thing. CSS can only be edited by the bureaucrats only. If you are an admin (unless I know you and you are a friend of mine) do not edit. Also, for those who got promotions, there are rules for you as well. Failure to listen and comply will result in demotions and blocks if the situation of your demotion is serious.

That's all the news I have for now! Have a great day!