2022 Jackson, Mississippi tornado
EF9 tornado
Jackson tornado 2022

The tornado at peak strength, back lit by the sunset
Date May 17, 2022
Times 1954 - 2037 CDT
Highest winds 450 mph
Touchdown location Outside Jackson, MS
Areas affected Areas in and around Jackson, Mississippi
Total damages $135 million
Total fatalities 138
Part of the
2022 Mid May Gulf Coast tornado outbreak

The 2022 Jackson, Mississippi tornado was a large, wedge shaped tornado that touched down outside of Jackson, Mississippi on the evening of May 17th, 2022. The tornado proceeded to impact much of the city, and led to 138 fatalities and $150 million in damages, and destroying many buildings and businesses along its path whilst on the ground. The tornado lifted about 45 minutes after it touched down, on the outskirts of the city, having moved slowly throughout its long existence. The tornado travelled for 7 miles whilst on the ground, producing a wide swathe of EF10 damages as a result of this.