The Great Smog of 2108 was the worst event in the history of China. The smog lasted for a month. Overall, 654 were killed.


The smog began on May 7, 2108, when a coal compite station in Shanghai overheated too much. Workers tried to stop it, but a day after it overheated, a smog began. Everyone nearby the smog were forced to evacuate from Shanghai. Almost all of the population of Shanghai listened and evacuated. Only 654 did not listen and decided to ride it out. However, they died as a result. Shanghai was nothing but a smog-covered city for a month. However, on June 7, 2108, the smog had dissappeared, however, the coal compite station exploded as a result of the overheating. Regardless, the population of Shanghai returned to Shanghai, but everyone complained how the coal compite station overheated. For centuries, it was a mystery that would never be solved, however, some say that the temperature was up to 200 degrees Celsius and a worker did not pay attention to the temperature. It might, possibly, explain how the coal compite station overheated.