Hurricane Bill (2021)
Category 4 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Formed July 7, 2021
Dissipated July 17, 2021
Highest winds 145 mph (230 km/h)
(1-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 938 (mbar)
Damages $540 million (2021 USD)
Direct Fatalities 29
Indirect Fatalities 4
Missing 1
Areas affected Western Africa, Lesser Antilles, San Juan, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Yucatan Peninsula, US Gulf Coast, US East Coast, Nova Scotia
Part of the
2021 Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Bill was a very destructive tropical cyclone that occurred during July of 2021. It formed off the Cape Verde Islands, before moving over the Atlantic and into the Caribbean Sea, striking many of the islands as a major hurricane, including landfalls at category 4 strength in the Lesser Antilles and San Juan Island, before weakening to category 2 strength as it crossed over Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and Cuba, emerging into the Gulf of Mexico as a moderate tropical storm. The hurricane then regained category 2 status before making landfall in Alabama, slowly weakening as it moved along the inland US East Coast, before finally becoming extratropical as it moved offshore Nova Scotia, dissipating the next day. Hurricane Bill's 2021 incarnation was responsible for 33 fatalities, and $540 million of damage along its path of destruction, which lasted for 10 days before the cyclone finally blew itself out.