Hurricane Conlian

Map showing the position and intensity of the storm.
Formed June 19
Dissipated July 21
Highest winds 215 Mph
(Category 5 Hurricane)
Lowest pressure 912 Mb
Damages 197 Trillion
Direct Fatalities 48456
Indirect Fatalities 48456
Missing 4845
Areas affected Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua,Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Yucatan Península, Cuba, Nueva,Gerona, Florida,Georgia, Alabama,Bermuda, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hamshire, Maine, Nova Scotia, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Mali, Burgina Faso.
Part of the
2054 Atlantic Hurricane Season, 2054 Pacific Hurricane Season
On June 19 a tropical low formed into Tropical Depression Three. Tropical

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