Hurricane Danny (2021)
Category 5 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Formed July 29, 2021
Dissipated August 8, 2021
Highest winds 175 mph (280 km/h)
(1-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 904 (mbar)
Damages $805 million (2021 USD)
Direct Fatalities 42
Indirect Fatalities 3
Missing 7
Areas affected Western Africa, Cape Verde Islands, Lesser Antilles, San Juan, Hispaniola, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
Part of the
2021 Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Danny was a very powerful category 5 Cape Verde type major hurricane that developed as a tropical cyclone south of the Cape Verde Islands, before moving across the Atlantic and into the Caribbean, intensifying rapidly into a category 4 major hurricane before making the first of many category 4 landfalls in the Lesser Antilles, and then intensifying into a category 5 before making the last 2 of its landfalls int eh islands, wreaking catastrophic damage on the islands. Danny next moved past San Juan Island at peak strength, articulating annular characteristics as it did so. The hurricane then weakened to a category 4 hurricane, making 2 landfalls in the Bahamas, devastating areas hit by Hurricane Joaquin during September and October 2015, hampering rebuilding in the areas worst affected by the previous storm. From here, Danny finally began to slowly weaken as it paralleled the US East Coast, before making landfall Newfoundland at category 2 intensity, before weakening to a strong tropical storm and going extratropical a day an a half later. In its extratropical stages, Danny moved to the southeast of Greenland, before finally dissipating to the southwest of Iceland. Danny inflicted $805 million in damages, and killing 45 people in its very destructive lifetime.