Hurricane Elsa (2021)
Category 3 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Formed August 17, 2021
Dissipated August 27, 2021
Highest winds 115 mph (185 km/h)
(1-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 948 (mbar)
Damages $3.07 billion (2021 USD)
Direct Fatalities 79
Indirect Fatalities 7
Missing 29
Areas affected Western Africa, Cape Verde Islands, Lesser Antilles, San Juan, Florida, Yucatan Peninsula, Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola
Part of the
2021 Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Elsa was an incredibly destructive tropical cyclone during August of 2021. It formed near the Cape Verde Islands, before moving across the Atlantic and into the Caribbean, intensifying into a category 3 major hurricane as it did so. After entering the Caribbean, Elsa weakened to category 2 status before hitting several of the islands and heading back out into the Atlantic, hitting the Atlantic Coast of Florida as a category 1 hurricane several days alter, emerging into the Gulf of Mexico barely scathed, where it regained a category 2 strength before becoming one of only 2 hurricanes to ever make landfall as a hurricane in the Bay of Campeche (the other being Karl in 2010), causing extensive damages in the process, before again emerging into the Caribbean Sea. Next, Elsa hit both Jamaica and Cuba as a tropical storm, before finally succumbing to the effects of land interaction and weakening to a tropical depression s it passed over Puerto Rico, weakening to a remnant low as it moved over Hispaniola, dissipating 2 days later after threatening to regenerate over the islands in the area. 86 people were killed as a result of the hurricane, with 29 others remaining missing. Total economic damages wrought by the hurricane totaled $3.07 billion, which resulted to its resulting retirement the following spring form the Atlantic naming lists as a result of the catastrophic loss of life and damages done by the storm during its lifecycle.