Hurricane Willis, also known by the nickname "Mitch 2.0", was the final and deadliest storm of the 2025 Atlantic hurricane season, with over 88,000 deaths in Honduras, Guamatela and Nicaragua alone.

The storm was the deadliest hurricane to ever hit Honduras, surpassing Hurricane Mitch of 1998 that caused over 10,000 fatalities in Honduras alone. Guamatela suffered landslides similar to those of Hurricane Stan 20 years earlier, back in 2005. It also caused over 2 billion USD$ in damage.

Hurricane Willis (2025)
Category 5 hurricane
Hurricane Mitch 1998 oct 26 2028Z

Hurricane Willis at peak strength
Formed November 10, 2025
Dissipated November 23, 2025
Highest winds 175 mph
(1-minute sustained)
Lowest pressure 965 mbar
Damages $2 billion
Direct Fatalities Over 88,000
Indirect Fatalities 31,000
Missing Over 50,000
Areas affected Florida, Bahamas, Guamatela, Honduras, Nicaragua
Part of the
2025 Atlantic hurricane season

Formation into the Gulf of Mexico

On November 10, the NHC caught it's eyes on a tropical wave, 20 miles east of Cape Verde. The tropical wave then intensified to a tropical depression, before finally becoming Tropical Storm Willis. A day later, on November 12, the NHC issued a tropical storm watch for the Bahamas and Florida. It became apparent that Willis had intensified into a Category 1 hurricane, making the season the second most-named season, after 2005 with its Greek names. Willis made landfall on November 14 in the Bahamas, before making a loop and making a landfall in Southeast Miami. Willis then passes the Gulf Stream into the Gulf of Mexico and rapidly intensifies into a Category 5 with winds of 175 miles per hour.

Landfall in Honduras and Nicaragua

The storm finally weakened into a Category 4 as it makes it's way towards Honduras and Nicaragua. Finally, on November 17, it makes landfall in Honduras as a strong Category 3 hurricane. Unfortunately, an earthquake had started with a magnitude of 8.0 at the time of Willis' landfall, causing more damages and deaths across the country and Nicaragua. After landfall, it quickly weakened to a Category 2 before making yet another landfall in the Yucatan Peninsula on November 18. By the midnight of the same day, Willis was now a weak Category 1.

Final landfall in Guamatela and Dissipation

On the morning of November 19, 4:50 PM, Willis made landfall as a Category 1 with winds of 80 mph, into Guamatela. Many landslides and soil erosions were reported in eerily the same areas where Hurricane Stan made landfall back in 2005. 15 people were dead and over 500 were injured in Willis' landfall. It rapidly weakened into a tropical depression before being declared a remnant low on Novemeber 22, over Mexico.


Due to the horrific damages and deaths, the name Willis was retired by the World Meteorological Organization in the spring of 2026 and will never be used for any Atlantic hurricane ever again. It will replaced by Warren in the 2031 season.