1980 Shrimpyville Tsunami2002 Black Forest Fires2016 Atlantic hurricane season (Sassmaster15)
2016 eruption of Mt Fujiyama2016 eruption of the Campi Flegrei supervolcano2017 Atlantic hurricane season
2017 North Carolina flashflooding2018 Atlantic hurricane season2020 Atlantic hurricane season
2021 Atlantic hurricane season2022 Jackson, Mississippi tornado2024 Papa New Guinea tsunami
2025 Honduras earthquake2027 Pacific typhoon season2027 Sumatra earthquake
2029 eruption of Mt Vesuvius2031 Birmingham (England) tornado2033 Atlantic hurricane season
2033 East Coast flooding2034 eruption of Mauna Loa2039 Springfield, Illinois tornado
2044 Mid June tornado outbreak sequence2044 New York City tornado2057 Covington, Kentucky wildfire
2105 Atlantic hurricane season2105 Indian monsoon2137 eruption of the Kikai Caldera
2190 eruption of Mt Adams26296 Atlantic hurricane season/Part 12823 eruption of Mt Pinatubo
Cyclone Julio (2033)Great Smog of 2108Hurricane Ana (2021)
Hurricane Bill (2021)Hurricane ConlianHurricane Danny (2021)
Hurricane Elsa (2021)Hurricane George (2201)Hurricane Grace (2021)
Hurricane Julian (2021)Hurricane LeeHurricane Willis (2025)
Hypothetical Natural Disasters WikiaMayon Volcano Eruption of 2065Mount St Helens Eruption of 2018
RulesStaffSubtropical Storm Arlene
Super Treon MatthewTemplate test pageThe Great Ice Age Of 15400 AD
Tropical Depression Eight (2021)Tropical Storm Bertha (2020)Typhoon Janice
Typhoon Jolina (2035)Typhoon KalinaTyphoon Sandra (2093)
Very Severe Cyclonic Storm David
File:1.pngFile:2.pngFile:2027 tsunami damage.png
File:2031 Birmingham tornado.pngFile:3.pngFile:4-0.png
File:Ash eruption of mt adams.pngFile:Bertha 2018 peak.pngFile:Campi Flegrei super-eruption.png
File:Communitylogo.pngFile:Conlian.pngFile:Cyclone Phailin 11 October 2013.jpg
File:Cyclone Phailin 11 October 2013.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Hurricane Jose (1999).png
File:Hurricane Mitch 1998 oct 26 2028Z.jpgFile:Jackson tornado 2022.pngFile:Katrina Cat 1.jpg
File:Kikai caldera super eruption.pngFile:Lava 1.pngFile:Lava 10.png
File:Lava 11.pngFile:Lava 12.pngFile:Lava 13.png
File:Lava 14.pngFile:Lava 15.pngFile:Lava 16.png
File:Lava 17.pngFile:Lava 18.pngFile:Lava 19.png
File:Lava 2.pngFile:Lava 20.pngFile:Lava 21.png
File:Lava 22.pngFile:Lava 23.pngFile:Lava 24.png
File:Lava 25.pngFile:Lava 26.pngFile:Lava 27.png
File:Lava 28.pngFile:Lava 29.pngFile:Lava 3.png
File:Lava 30.pngFile:Lava 31.pngFile:Lava 32.png
File:Lava 33.pngFile:Lava 34.pngFile:Lava 35.png
File:Lava 36.pngFile:Lava 37.pngFile:Lava 38.png
File:Lava 39.pngFile:Lava 4.pngFile:Lava 40.png
File:Lava 41.pngFile:Lava 42.pngFile:Lava 43.png
File:Lava 44.pngFile:Lava 45.pngFile:Lava 46.png
File:Lava 47.pngFile:Lava 48.pngFile:Lava 49.png
File:Lava 5.pngFile:Lava 50.pngFile:Lava 6.png
File:Lava 7.pngFile:Lava 8.pngFile:Lava 9.png
File:Mauna Loa erupting in 2034.pngFile:Mayon 0052..jpgFile:Mount St Helens 1980.jpg
File:NYC tornado 2044.pngFile:PNG tsunami 2024.pngFile:Pinatubo VEI 7 eruption 2823.png
File:Possible ef5 damage 1.pngFile:Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 8.39.32 PM.pngFile:Soudelor 2015-08-04 0410Z.jpg
File:Springfield tornado 2039.pngFile:Subtropical Storm Otto (2010).jpgFile:Temporary cyclone north.png
File:Tornado damage high end ef4.pngFile:Vesuvius eruption 2029.pngFile:Wiki-background

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