Rules are the important part of all Wikia networks. They are important to the staff, users, and everyone. Here are all the rules that this wiki uses.

Community Rules

  • Do not try to start drama ANYWHERE.
  • No bullying.
  • Do not vandalise/fill a page with random words.
  • Never try to spam articles with nonsense.
  • Do not dare try to say death threats. You will be blocked for 1 week without hesitation.
  • No swearing.
  • Please follow all the rules.

Chat Rules

  • Do not spam nonsense.
  • Do not try to send death threats or sexual things through PM's. If you got somebody doing this, please report this to the Admins, Bureaucrats, or the Owner/Founder.
  • Don't send jumpscare links.
  • Never even try to insult anyone. It's disrespectful.

Page Rules

  • Do not make a page with unnecessary photos.
  • As said in Community Rules, do not vandalise pages.
  • Don't edit any page with any unnecessary words.

Admin Rules

  • Revert and block simple spam and vandalism. If it clearly doesn’t belong here, make it go away. Remember to erase auto-deletion summaries. If it looks like a user needs to be banned globally, report the situation to a member of the VSTF.
  • Be fair. Consider situations carefully before acting on them. If a user makes an honest mistake, give them the opportunity to learn and improve.
  • Encourage participation. Be friendly and welcoming to members, help them get to know Hypothetical Natural Disasters Wiki, and support their interactions.
  • Keep things structured, but not too structured. Do your best to support and maintain the goals and organization of the wiki, but be flexible about growth.

Breaking these rules will result in blocks. Please follow the rules, and have fun!