The Staff are the ones who help the wiki grow. They are usually promoted and given to someone because they deserve the spot. If you feel like they don't deserve the spot, please give a reason why and if it is true, the user will be given a warning for demotion. If they continue, they will be demoted and blocked for 2 days. The staff are:


Marcus - the main creator of the wiki. Please respect him and the rules he makes. He can be nice or bad depending on the situation.


Hypercane - the main bureaucat of this wiki. Treat him like any other staff or if you want, like the founder.

Layten - one of the bureaucrats of the wiki. Treat him like the main bureaucats

Former Bureaucats

AminatronicHurricane - demoted because of inactivity.

Cardozo - revealed to be underage and blocked globally.

Douglas - See Cardozo's reason of demotion.

No Administrators, Moderators, and Chat Moderators as of now.