15400 AD Ice Age
Average Temperature -102° F
Temperature Change -161° F
Started 15,400 CE
Ended 19,014,981 CE
Areas Affected The whole world

The Great Ice Age Of 15,400 AD was the worst in Earth's history. It lasted 19 million years. Record bone chilling average temperatures of -102° F was felt across the globe.


Around 15,363 AD cold water currents blocked the warm tropical water from getting to the poles. Over the next 37 years global temperatures plummeted to -28° F. By the end of that century the ice age had truly begun. Glaciers 1.7 miles thick came from the polar regions. They reached to about 7.0° N and and 6.7° S latitudes.

Global Effects

During the beginning to middle of the ice age 67% of the human population perished. During the peak of the ice age global temperatures were at -102° F, effectively the only creatures that survived without much impact were polar bears, penguins, and other animals that had warm layers of fur or feathers. 88% of all reptiles became extinct due tothe extreme cold. By 19,014,981 AD the ice age finally ended, but not without of making 81% of the human population perish.