In December 2042 to January 2043, a heavy blizzard with 5 feet of snow hit the UK from Siberian winters. Only 5 people died, because they were a little bit dumb, and 2 people were injured, because they froze in the cold. Temperatures reached as low as -31C and as high as 1C.

The winter (Lincoln, England)

On December 5th 2042, It was a sunny day, until the afternoon, when the temperature got colder and reached as low as 4C in some parts of Lincoln. Over 1,321 nimbostratus clouds joined in to a giant nimbostratus cloud, causing the first snow in December of 2042. The snow got more heavier over the couple of weeks, until December 17th, when the snow stopped for a few days and snow reached 5 feet tall. The snow stopped for a few days, until December 26th, when heavy snow continued to carry on. On December 27th, a mum and dad walked in -20C for 3 hours, and they froze. Over 2 ambulance vans came to get them, and they were unfroze. 1 person also died on that day too. On December 29th, the snow stopped for a day, until December 30th, when snow carried on, but heavier than before. Snow reached as high as 6 feet in midday on that day, and children were having fun. Sadly, another person died on that day, due to high snow. On January 1st, the snow got more weak, and on January 3rd, the snow stopped. However, there was still some leftover snow and the temperatures were still low, as low as -1C.

After the winter (Lincoln, England)

Many things reopened after the heavy snow. The days got a little bit hotter, and things were going normal. However, some schools were still closed.