Tropical Storm Bertha (2020)
Tropical Storm (SSHWS/NWS)
Bertha 2018 peak

Bertha at peak intensity
Formed July 12, 2020
Dissipated July 17, 2020
Highest winds 50 mph (85 km/h)
(1-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 1000 (mbar)
Damages $489 million (2020 USD)
Direct Fatalities 16 dead
Indirect Fatalities 33 injured
Missing 2
Areas affected Bahamas, Florida, US Gulf Coast (Alabama)
Part of the
2020 Atlantic hurricane season

Tropical Storm Bertha was the 2nd tropical cyclone, and the 2nd named storm of the annual hurricane season. It developed from a tropical wave as Tropical Depression Two near the Bahamas on July 12th, and intensified into Tropical Storm Bertha 12 hours later. Over the next few days, Bertha meandered off he Florida coastline, eventually making landfalls on the Florida Panhandle and in Alabama on July 16th and 17th as a tropical storm and a tropical depression, respectively.